Voice over IP from NGCOM reinvents the way you use your phone by merging it with your high speed Internet connection. VoIP from NGCOM converts your voice into data and uses your high speed Internet connection to send and receive calls. Connect your home or business with VoIP service from NGCOM and start enjoying the remarkable voice quality, powerful new features, and comprehensive savings that NGCOM can deliver.


Free ‘on-net’ calls – create your own VoIP business network with colleagues, clients and suppliers and call free within that VoIP network, regardless of location.

Multi-site operation – seamlessly connecting resources at different

Best-of-breed Business VoIP solutions – provide a fast and reliable IP backbone.

Enhanced connectivity – connect home users, sales teams and clients at a touch of a button.

Minimal investment – no need to purchase an expensive, cumbersome phone system.

Integration with mobiles (using Wi-Fi or 3G) – eliminate office telephones altogether or be connected to your office telephone system while away from your desk.

Automation of call handling – many advanced telephony features only available at extra cost or in high-end systems are included free, allowing manual talks to be eliminated

Integration with customer databases – improved call handling

No support or maintenance charges – only handsets are on-site.

Hosted VoIP – no maintenance costs, problems are resolved remotely

Secure VoIP – Session Border Controller Security – ensuring every call reaches its destination safely, without affecting your firewall

Scalability and flexibility – employees connected to the network can be increased, decreased or moved instantaneously at no extra cost

Disaster recovery options – quickly set up another site in the event of a major disruption

Quick to install – can be ready within a few days or even hours

Using NGCOM VOIP, you can configure your system to give whatever impression you want to customers. For example, if you have employees in multiple locations or even abroad, you can give them all extensions on the same number or their own numbers with the same area codes as your head office.

You also get fully featured telephone system. Many features such as voice menu, extensions for specific people etc. Corporate organizations do have a lot to benefit from this service as it avoids the toll charged by ordinary service.

NGCOM VOIP uses real-time protocol (RTP) to help ensure that packets get delivered in a timely way using public networks.

We are rest assured that this service will boost your business process and will be cost effective for you to manage your telephone calls

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