Frequently asked questions

Our wireless service is wireless in respect of where the wireless router is terminated at your property; it does not refer to a home wireless network where a connection is available throughout the inside of the property. This does not mean you cannot have a wireless home network however. All you will need is to get a network engineer to extend the wireless network using an extra router or a wireless repeater.

In 99% of cases, your connection will be unaffected by the weather. Wind and Rain does not normally worry the outdoor antennas! In extreme weather conditions where there is a severe gale force winds, this may affect service (as a result of the outdoor equipment being slightly displaced from its original position thereby loosing alignment to our base station) but this is highly unlikely.

The important requirement for our internet connection to work is a good line of sight to the nearest base station. This means that where possible, we need to mount the outdoor unit where it will not be obstructed by trees, buildings etc.

To access more information on our service plans, kindly click on the link

To downgrade/upgrade your service plan, you are expected to make a payment for the new plan ,and then send a request for the upgrade /downgrade to be done.

Kindly visit our online portal page using this link Click on the forgot password input your username click on login a reset password will be sent to your mail.

No,we do not suspend active accounts.

The process requires a client sending a request for a relocation,then a survey is conducted to ascertain our network coverage at the new location . After the survey is completed, a relocation fee is paid and the relocation is done. This process is completed within 3 - 7 working days.

The Estimated time for any resolution is within 24hours.

There are no data limits, our services are unlimited.

Yes please, there is a warranty on all our equipment. Warranty is available for 1year from time of purchase ,and covers factory malfunctions ONLY.

No, we currently don't have weekly packages.

No, there are no restrictions on the number of devices to be connected.

No,our Fibre Installation process takes 3-6 working days,while the Wireless Installation takes 5-7 working days.

Yes you can. You are required to send a mail with your registered email address stating the transfer of ownership to the desired individual.

Yes, we have a compensation policy available .

Kindly send an email to for further assistance.

The equipment is on lease to customers for the period they are on the network.

Yes, our clients are allowed to buy their equipment,but would be charged for a set up fee.

Yes, we provide routine maintenance on our network security.

Yes we do,kindly reach out to us via the following channels. Email:, Call- 08090203800 WhatsApp (only): 08096096220

kindly make your payment via our online portal platform for automatic account activation below. Please login to Your username: Password: Payments are also accepted into the account number below: Account Name: Ngcom Network Solutions Ltd. Bank: Zenith Bank Branch: Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Account Number: 1014452784 Sort Code: 057150398 Please note that the confirmation of payments made via bank transfer is done within 24 hours.

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