Data Co-location Services


Adopting a collocation strategy can make all the difference for your business, but it also requires the right partner.

NGCOM data collocation service allows you to host your IT equipment off-site in our data centre that is specifically engineered to be always-on. Our world class data centre helps you to reduce the capital and operational expenses required to house and protect your mission-critical application and systems.

NGCOM provides industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA) for power and environmental Systems through a number of redundant subsystems designed to alleviate single points of failure throughout the delivery path. Our scalable data collocation service allows you to upgrade space, power, connectivity and services as your requirement evolves.

Allow your enterprise to optimize operations through NGCOM secure, scalable, data allocation services. NGCOM offers a range of full- cabinet module, or multiple module option to meet your entire business requirement. Instead of investing your capital and human resources to deploy and maintain a data centre, NGCOM will provide you with the capacity to scale as you grow.


Our managed collocation facilities provide reliable networking, power and physical security to provide you a cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery solution

Available high-speed upstream network connection to help prevent down time and to ensure that your servers and equipment are accessible at all times

Since we’re a fully managed service, you save capital expenditures and avoid deployment, monitoring and maintenance complications

24/7 escorted access to your equipment

Our Technicians can perform required work at the data center by handling equipment and cabling. They are professional and highly trained staff.


Facilities Infrastructure:
  • Racks
  • Power availability
  • Internet Connectivity
  • VPN Connectivity
  • Email/SMS Alert
  • Security
Collocation Cabinets
  • Available in 42U Rack Space
  • ¼ Rack Space
  • Half Module Rack Space.

We look forward to providing you with our service as having a good business relationship will tell you how NGCOM limited is ready to manage your business processing by contributing immensely to moving your enterprise forward.


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