Why do you have an install fee of N45, 000?

Getting started with NGCOM, we have to install a radio on your property and as well an indoor wireless to be able to provide service to you. Although we charge N45, 000, the service is heavily subsidized by ourselves as we aim to keep costs as reasonable as possible. It is worth bearing in mind that quite often, NGCOM is providing service in areas where other providers have been unable, or unwilling, to do so and the technology we use is expensive in comparison. We find that most people agree with us that the initial installation cost is more than outweighed by the positives that NGCOM internet connection will bring!

Will I get wireless connectivity throughout my home with your service?

Our wireless service is wireless in respect of where the wireless router is terminated at your property; it does not refer to a home wireless network where a connection is available throughout the inside of the property. This does not mean you cannot have a wireless home network however. All you will need is to get a network engineer to extend the wireless network using an extra router or a wireless repeater.

Does the weather affect the connection?

In 99% of cases, your connection will be unaffected by the weather. Wind and Rain does not normally worry the outdoor antennas! In extreme weather conditions where there is a severe gale force winds, this may affect service (as a result of the outdoor equipment being slightly displaced from its original position thereby loosing alignment to our base station) but this is highly unlikely.

Are there any limitations to being able to provide a connection?

The important requirement for our internet connection to work is a good line of sight to the nearest base station. This means that where possible, we need to mount the outdoor unit where it will not be obstructed by trees, buildings etc.

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