We are glad to inform you that we have fully integrated our online payment portal to ease all payment and activation issues.

You can now make payment and activate your account on our self service portal.

Your Usernam has been sent to your email address.

Click on My Ngcom  and follow the steps below

 To Activate Account

  1. Login with your Username, Password is same as Username

You will get a notification that your account has been activated, An activation email sent to your registered email address

  1. Check your email for the activation email and use the activation password to login on the portal
  2. After signing in, you will be prompted to change your password

To Make Payment

  1. Click on Make payment from the menu
  1. select the number of months for subscription 
  2. And click Next
  3. Choose a payment option
  4. Use the payment interface to complete your payment
  5. Once you have a successful transaction message, your airtime will be updated automatically
  6. You can also visit the payment history page to see the list of your past payment transactions and query each transaction for their corresponding switch responses