WEBSITE LAUNCH Date: Apr-22-2019

We are very pleased to finally launch our new website. The design process has been helped immeasurably by comments, suggestions and feedback from our staff, our clients, our business partners, and friends.

Ekeng Ewa Ekeng, NGCOM’s Managing Director said:

“Our new website now accurately represents who we are as an organisation; one of Nigeria’s leading provider of UNLIMITED internet service”

The new website offers a more comprehensive outline of the services we offer along with quick and easy access to pricing and as well our support team. We’ve also simplified navigation and updated the entire website look and feel.

Our new website is simply the start of the conversation.

Along with the new website, NGCOM has introduced a new service plan (air fibre lite plus), we would encourage you to browse throughout the site and get in touch with us for a chat about how we can help your organisation.